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INEOS Composites’ materials are used in several global markets, including building materials, corrosion-resistant FRP, recreation, transportation and wind energy. We are a global manufacturer of raw materials and a producer of energy used in everyday life. From medicines to mobile phones, agriculture to automotive, our products enhance standards of living for everyone around the world. We understand the challenge the world is facing, and we are working hard to help economies, businesses and individuals deliver a zero carbon emissions future to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement. Our plans and actions revolve around implementing carbon emission reduction, making safe and sustainable products, investing in the energy transition, all while creating jobs, improving living standards worldwide. But we wouldn't be able to achieve any of these without our 26,000 dedicated and talented colleagues. It is why we celebrate and reward individuals and teams who strive to push boundaries to constantly innovate and find new and better ways of doing things. Show Less
Company Keywords
ineos enterprises incl compounds
ineos upstream
ineos abs
ineos phenol
ineos nitriles
ineos oligomers
ineos olefins
polymers usa
polymers europe
ineos oxide
ineos oil
ineos automotive


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