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Terna SpA

Terna Driving Energy: we are the first grid operator for electricity transmission in Europe. We promote the energy transition and sustainable development. We are a major energy transmission grid operator and a company of Italian excellence, with over 5,000 professionals focused daily on the security of the Italian electricity system. We operate the Italian transmission grid for high and extra-high voltage electricity, with nearly 75,000 km of power lines, ensuring its safety, quality and cost-effectiveness over time, while balancing electricity demand and supply 24 hours a day. We facilitate grid development, increasing operational efficiency and integration with the European grid. Every day, we work on creating a climate of dialogue and trust with the local communities to which we provide an essential commodity for the economic and social lives of everyone: electricity. Our position provides us with a long-term outlook on energy systems and places us in a strategic role to enable the energy transition and promote more efficient and environmentally friendly production methods, pushing us to develop high-tech solutions and modernize the grid in order to connect producers and consumers. With the skills acquired managing the Italian grid, we invest in new market activities through innovative energy solutions and international projects. Through Terna Plus, the Group company responsible for developing new businesses across the globe, we are active in Montenegro, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay. We offer international operators access to the extensive technological know-how we have consolidated in the management of complex systems, transmission. Our mission is to drive and enable the ecological transition in order to create a new development model based on renewable sources and respect to the environment. Sustainability, innovation and distinctive competencies are behind everything we do, with the aim of providing the generations to come with a clean, accessible and emission-free energy future. Show Less
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